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Welcome to ElectroYogi, your HOV lane to a sexy, new you. No transponder or hybrid necessary. We eliminate your unwanted hair by destroying hair follicles, allowing your true, beautiful self to shine through. Electrolysis is effective for all hair colors and skin types.


At ElectroYogi, our electrolysis gurus are excited to help because we’ve been in your shoes. We know first-hand about the struggles of unwanted hair. It’s embarrassing and annoying. On bad days, unwanted hair attacks self-esteem. We know that some “solutions” have the opposite effect, making undesired hair worse, irritating your skin, causing ingrown hairs, or all of the above. Other hair removal treatments, even if they offer temporary relief, are just that: temporary.


Enter electrolysis. The only permanent solution. Our holistic approach is the safest, fastest, most effective way to finally be permanently hair-free wherever you want to be. Our clients love us as much as they hate their old hair! With the latest technology as well as the most compassionate and talented technicians, ElectroYogi is the epicenter for hair removal in Southern California. We’re proud of our industry-leading, client-created reviews on Yelp. We have more than 70 and average five out of five stars. Visit us and you’ll see why.


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