We are a boutique, women-run electrolysis spa in Eagle Rock. Our goal is simple: getting rid of your unwanted hair permanently. No excuses. No ifs, ands, or buts.

ElectroYogi brings a mind-body-spirit philosophy to its electrology practice. We practice with compassion and with the end goal of making you feel more smooth and beautiful than ever. Since we want your skin to love you, we use as many organic products as possible. Since we care for our clients, we make them as comfortable as possible.  We eschew “No pain, no gain” for “ for “A gentle, consistent touch can change so much.”

And we’re not quite as woo-woo as that sounds.

Keep reading or book a consultation or your first treatment to get the inside scoop. If you’re ready to pull the trigger, email us now at When you arrive, we’ll provide all the information you could ever want about electrolysis and how it can help you. With a quarter century of practice under our collective lab coat, we have experience with all types of hair, skin, lifestyles, and ethnic backgrounds.

Investing in the best therapists, we also invest in the best technology, including a cutting-edge epilator that practically removes pain from the process. Too cost-prohibitive for most spas, we’re proud to  have the only one in Los Angeles. Because nothing is too good for our clients… And that means you. When you leave us – in a few months or a few years depending on your journey – you’ll  have hair only where you want it, and flawless skin. Or, as we like to say, you’ll be  “Forever Free From Fur!”