We may not be dudes, but we love ’em! Check out what we have to offer for men’s electrolysis.

For Men

Our male clientele are as diverse as the fashion from the eastside to the beach. There is no “typical dude” or “metro guy” or “gay” stereotype for who’s getting permanent hair removal. And electrolysis is definitely not just for chicks anymore. We’re all busy, and we all want to look good with as little maintenance upkeep as possible. Electrolysis is your perfect permanent solution for eyebrows, the back of your neck, shoulders, chests, backs, and more. Our state-of-the-art epilator brings you incredible comfort and ferrari-like speed during your treatments, which depending on area may vary from as little as 15 minutes (brows) to more than an hour.

Check out our treatment rates and details, and get ready for hair maintenance-free living!