Nicole Policicchio

Designation: Licensed Electrologist and Founder

Italian and Brazilian by blood, I know what its like to have unwanted hair on your tummy, bikini, feet, toes, and underarms as well as upper lip. I tried everything to get rid of those stubborn hairs. Most treatments were painful. Some made my problems worse. And all of them were temporary.

Then, I found electrolysis, and I was converted. It was so life-changing, I decided to turn it into my life’s work.

Here’s a little background on me: before becoming a licensed electrologist and founding ElectroYogi, I spent my career with the singular goal of making a positive contribution to the world.

For nearly 15 years, I worked as an award-winning television producer, specializing in documentary, wildlife and children’s programming. I also spent time as a product development leader in the early years of online search.

In 2006, my world changed when I gave birth to my amazing daughter. In a word, I felt “blessed” and  that feeling has only deepened. I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible as well as share joy with others, one at a time. So, when my daughter was an infant, I returned to school, completed the 600 hour training program in electrology, and became a licensed electrologist. I’ve haven’t looked back since.

In 2007, ElectroYogi was just me, a tiny operation of one, in a spare private room in my home. Since then, it’s grown into thriving practice employing three electrologists and serving clients seven days a week in a private, lush, and tranquil spa studio.

I feel so fortunate to be able to help clients on multiple levels. As they say, beauty is only skin deep. By permanently removing unwanted hair, we make clients more beautiful on a daily basis. But, what I really love is seeing a client’s beauty spread to other parts of their  life: increasing their self-esteem and making them more confident. Skin-deep, it’s just unwanted hair, but losing it is something much more–it’s the you, you’ve always dreamed of.

And if there’s one thing my lovely daughter has taught me, it’s that you owe it to yourself and the ones you love to be the best you, you can be. It’s time to feel amazing!

Robin Harris

Designation: Certified Professional Electrologist

ElectroYogi is proud to showcase the expert electrology services of Robin. She holds the most advanced license in electrology: Certified Professional Electrologist. A former electrology instructor, Robin is Nicole’s personal electrologist, teacher, and mentor. Robin brings more than 15 years experience as both a professional, activist, and educator in the field of permanent hair removal. Robin taught at the nation’s top electrology school for 13 years and is the State Board examiner for all electrologists taking their licensing exams in Southern California.

Very much an “electrologist’s electrologist,” she is gentle, fast, accurate, and a super-fun person to work with. We’re honored to have her as part of the ElectroYogi team.  Robin specializes in the most tenacious cases of hair – curved follicles, ethnic hair, and blondes — and she carries a wealth of knowledge about hyper and hypo-pigmentation to guide. Robin calls ElectroYogi home once a week–Thursday–and her schedule books up quickly, so call today to reserve your slot and discover what all the fuss is about.

Vanessa Moselle

Designation: Licensed Electrologist

Hi, I’m Vanessa. This is my story. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications, I found work doing what I was always loved: making costumes, dancing in Vaudeville shows, and working as a makeup artist, while tending bar on the side. I loved it, but something was missing. I needed purpose. I needed to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. Although my witty and sage-like bartender’s advice was always appreciated, it was usually forgotten by last call.

A self-admitted “beauty junkie,”  I love nothing more than something beautiful. An ElectroYogi client since 2008, I know firsthand how unwanted hair can cramp your style, stifle your confidence, and fill up your vacation carry-on. Can’t they make magnifying mirrors a little smaller?

But, I digress. Like many ElectroYogi clients, electrology changed my life. And Nicole changed my life more than most. Years ago, I was telling Nicole about my existential job woes, when she paused, looked me straight in the eye, and  asked,  “Why don’t you try doing this?”

She was right. She knew me almost as well as she knows hair removal. It was the perfect solution. I’d help people by making them more beautiful. In the process I’d improve myself.  Goodbye beauty junkie, hello beauty evangelist!

I soon enrolled in electrology school and embarked on 600 hours of training, studying with electrology guru, Robin Harris, who also calls ElectroYogi home.  With a few hours under my lab coat,  I began apprenticing at ElectroYogi, and became a state certified electrologist in 2013.

As a client, you will receive my artist’s touch, my costumer’s precision, and, of course, my bartender’s advice as well as my performing showgirl stories!  All with the care and love that ElectroYogi shares with each and every client.  Book now to begin your journey of eliminating unwanted hair.  And feel free to bring your magnifying mirror. I’ll get rid of it for you.

Nicci Nettman

Designation: Licensed Electrologist

Let me tell you a little story. It’s about a girl. A girl who went through some hormonal changes during her first pregnancy. A girl who watched in amazement (okay, horror) as hair sprouted from her chin.

“What happened to the ‘glow’ that pregnant women are supposed to exude?”, wondered the girl, as she plucked the offending bristles from her chinny-chin-chin.

That move–pulling out those little villains–was a mistake. The worst part? It took a few weeks for her realize the error of her ways. And the realization landed like a Cinderella’s slipper encased in cement.

The witchy hairs seemed to multiply on a daily basis! Dark bristles taunted her with their deep, thick roots, spreading across her face exponentially as they jeered.

Little did she know that the tweezing had fed them glorious lifeblood making the hairs deeper, darker, stronger and seemingly longer–positively Rapunzel-esque.

And all that seemed to happen overnight. Hashtag: gross.

But the girl in this tale met someone who became her fairy godmother – whom some of you may know as Electroyogi founder, Nicole Policicchio! Nicole helped rid the girl of her offending witch-y hairs, forever!!

True story. I should know. That girl was me.

Hailing from South Africa, I’m English/Irish and unwanted hair was never at the forefront of my worries or concerns. I happily skipped through my life, oblivious that hormonal changes would change everything in the hair department. At that time, I was working in an industry where appearance mattered. How you looked, dressed and presented yourself were key contributors to your overall success.

When those unwanted hairs arrived, my confidence and self-esteem suffered a massive blow. I felt like everyone could see the offending hairs. And that they thought less of me because of them. They became to feel like an ugly blemish on my record. A tragic flaw. Something uglier than the snakes that sprout from Medusa’s scalp.

And it made me feel vulnerable,like a weak Wildebeest on the African plains, surrounded by hungry lions waiting to take me out.

Melodramatic, you say? The Devil not Only Wears Prada, but looks down her nose at a woman with an errant hair or three.

For each of us, our experiences and motivations are unique. But we all have a common goal: get rid of the hair that is bothering us.

I call Nicole my angel because she helped me in so many ways. She gave me back my confidence, and when I decided I was ready to go back to work–no more marketing with the long hours and endless judgments. She offered me a solution: become an electrologist. So I returned to school, completed the 600-hour training program in electrology, and became a licensed electrologist in 2016. For the first time in a long time, I can say that I love my work because it feels meaningful.

I am also the mother of two boys, which means that I spend most of my time with a first aid kit at the ready. My approach to their care is what I would term “hybrid”. It is both Allopathic and Homeopathic = Holistic (or East, West integrative). I keep things as natural, organic and preservative-free at home as possible – an approach that translates into client care at ElectroYogi.

The moral of the story? Electrology changed my life. For this, I am truly thankful. If we at ElectroYogi can make some small, positive impact in yours, then please come see us. We would love to help you on your permanent hair removal journey.