Erin Swenson

Licensed Electrologist
Hi! I’m Erin.  I have a cat named Ernie, and I live in Burbank after moving to Los Angeles from Colorado two years ago.  Here’s what I’m into.  I love experimental music and films, as I’m very curious about people’s creative processes, and how they perceive and respond to their lives and the world around us.
My journey with electrolysis started in 2017 upon my move to Los Angeles shortly after receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production to pursue a career in my field of study. Amidst all the new changes in my life, I wanted on a more personal level to finally figure out how get rid of my unwanted hair.
I had been dealing with unwanted hair for years, especially on my face, and I know how hindering it can be within your social life, and self confidence. Over the years I had been through the gamut of all the temporary methods of hair removal. But the key word here that it was temporary and left me a bit discouraged knowing that the hair would come back, and knowing that this would be something I would need to tend to for a lifetime.
I was tired of feeling held back by this unwanted hair and ready to make a change, so at a bit of a wit’s end I did a bit of research. I came across ElectroYogi Electrolysis, and scheduled an appointment with Nicole. I was a little hesitant in investing in Electrolysis as it takes a bit of time, money, consistency, and commitment. But even after my first treatment I noticed a difference, and knew this was something that would change my life.
Nicole answered all and any questions I had about Electrolysis upon our initial appointment.  And as I began going to ElectroYogi as client, I found Nicole to be so compassionate and truly invested in changing lives for the better through her work.
Through our conversations during appointments, we talked about my frustrations with the career I was pursuing and how I was looking to change my career path, and Nicole asked me if I were interested in becoming an Electrologist. And the more I thought about it the more I felt that this profession suited me. This is something that felt more purposeful than from what I have been pursuing prior. It is a wonderful opportunity to change someone’s life knowing first hand on how electrolysis changed  mine!
Nicole has been so supportive during my time throughout my electrolysis journey, as a client and as a training Electrologist.
I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a compassionate team at ElectroYogi. I look forward to helping you feel more empowered in living your best life from the inside out!