Ronna Pearl

Licensed Electrologist

My experience with electrolysis began at the age of 20, when I went for treatment of unwanted hair that made me embarrassed and very self-conscious.

In 2004, I found an electrologist whose skills, professional demeanor, and love of her profession had a big impact on me. She really understood what I was going through personally with the unwanted hair! When I was thinking about making a career change some years later, it was the memory of this woman (who had since passed away) and my desire to work in a field where I could help others on an individual level that prompted me to explore electrolysis as a career.

Today, I am proud and passionate to be a working member in electrolysis field. I love applying my skills to help others get rid of their unwanted hair, and feel better about themselves. I’ve been a licensed electrologist and active member of the electrology community since 2013, and can’t wait to serve you here at ElectroYogi!