Vanessa Moselle

Licensed Electrologist

Hi, I’m Vanessa. This is my story. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications, I found work doing what I was always loved: making costumes, dancing in Vaudeville shows, and working as a makeup artist, while tending bar on the side. I loved it, but something was missing. I needed purpose. I needed to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. Although my witty and sage-like bartender’s advice was always appreciated, it was usually forgotten by last call.

A self-admitted “beauty junkie,” I love nothing more than something beautiful. An ElectroYogi client since 2008, I know firsthand how unwanted hair can cramp your style, stifle your confidence, and fill up your vacation carry-on. Can’t they make magnifying mirrors a little smaller?

But, I digress. Like many ElectroYogi clients, electrology changed my life. And Nicole changed my life more than most. Years ago, I was telling Nicole about my existential job woes, when she paused, looked me straight in the eye, and asked, “Why don’t you try doing this?”

She was right. She knew me almost as well as she knows hair removal. It was the perfect solution. I’d help people by making them more beautiful. In the process I’d improve myself. Goodbye beauty junkie, hello beauty evangelist!

I soon enrolled in electrology school and embarked on 600 hours of training, studying with electrology guru, Robin Harris, who also calls ElectroYogi home. With a few hours under my lab coat, I began apprenticing at ElectroYogi, and became a state certified electrologist in 2013.

As a client, you will receive my artist’s touch, my costumer’s precision, and, of course, my bartender’s advice as well as my performing showgirl stories! All with the care and love that ElectroYogi shares with each and every client. Book now to begin your journey of eliminating unwanted hair. And feel free to bring your magnifying mirror. I’ll get rid of it for you.