Christina Molina

Hi, I’m Christina, the newest ElectroYogi team member. I’ve been obsessed with hair removal for as long as I can remember, diy threading, sugaring, waxing and even at home “laser” hair removal. Ouch! After dealing with an increase in unwanted hair due to PCOS, I discovered the magic of electrolysis and fell in love. I knew I had found what I had been looking for, a way to help people feel better about themselves. I look forward to helping many more people at ElectroYogi with empathy and a relentless commitment to empowering others on their path to confidence and comfort.

a few words from Nicole: I’m thrilled to bring Christina on as a new member of the ElectroYogi team. She will join us in April 2024 and will be working out of our Glassell Park studio as well as an adorable spot we’re renting for her in Orange, near her home in Anaheim. So, whether you live in Northeast LA or in the City of LA, or further south, ElectroYogi and the electrolysis goddess team are here for you!