Jahnia Nelson

Licensed Electrologist and Contractor

Jahnia is one of the most real and cool people you’ll ever meet. Her whole vibe exudes chill and compassion. A little over a year ago, before the start of 2023, Jahnia approached Nicole about a job. From the moment they met, Nicole knew Jahnia was the new team member ElectroYogi needed to regrow after the shutdowns, challenges, and staff departures of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since January, 2023, Jahnia has happily served clients here at ElectroYogi two and a half days a week, with that same warmth, kindness, and cool she brings to all her affairs. When she’s not here, she’s hanging with her partner Josh and gorgeous, energetic 3-year-old son Jona in their home city of Ventura. Jahnia also loves music, food and wine, and traveling. We are so grateful that Jahnia is here for you!